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Close IT Plus 1099 Reporting:
So Easy, So Simple, So FREE! Close IT Plus makes filing your 1099-S report to the IRS painless!
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Tracking New Business Opportunities:
One of Close IT Plus' newest features is New Business Lead Tracking.
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Referrals are Important:
In sales, a referral is the key to the door of resistance.
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REMMIS Products and Services:
Take a gander at some of the other products and services we offer?

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Training Training Training:
Need more training ?

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Close IT Plus 1099 Reporting

Close IT Plus has made filing your 1099-S painless, both in your wallet, and in your time! While most of our competitors charge for 1099-S reporting, it's just another free feature of Close IT Plus.

noneIf you have kept up with inputting the Seller's SSNs and forwarding mailing address, it's just a matter of clicking a few buttons.

Even if you haven't kept up or joined us mid-year, with minimal input, you can create your 1099-S report for uploading to the IRS FIRE website quick and easy.

It's good practice to input the Seller's information as a part of your Post Closing routine and using the internal Check List and/or Tickler System is a great way to remember.

If you have any questions regarding 1099-S reporting please give us a call and we will walk you through it.
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Close IT Plus New Business Lead Tracking

If you are actively going after new business from Banks, Brokers, Loan Officers, etc. you're gonna need an easy way to keep track of them.

noneOne of our clients recently asked if we could add a way to track new business leads in Close IT Plus.

What we came back with is a new screen where you can:

1. Add new leads to the system and identify them as a Lead vs. a Current Client.

2. Create and maintain a Conversation Log just for leads.

3. Create and maintain Tickles/Reminders specific to leads.

4. Print canned or custom Marketing Letters and Labels.

It's all accessed from the Main Screen. Just click on the "Leads" menu item and start working your leads the Close IT Plus way.

If you need any help with the new Leads Screen just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.
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Referrals are Important

Providing quality products, services and support is the key to success for any business. When you provide quality products, service and support people are more than happy to pass your name along.

95% of all REMMIS' clients have come from referrals. Partially because our products are the most user friendly and New York centric solutions available, and partially because of our stellar customer service. We work very hard to keep each and every one of our clients happy.

We are constantly polling our clients as to how we can make Close IT Plus and Digital RE better. Most suggestions are designed into the programs with hours as opposed to days, weeks or months. We hope that we are living up to all of your expectations and if not we really want to hear from you.

If you were not already aware, we will actually pay you for your referrals. That is when any referral becomes a client with us we will give your company a significant discount on your annual renewal depending on the product they choose. Land three and use it for FREE.
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REMMIS Products and Services

If you did not already know it, REMMIS provides a host of other Products and Services such as:

noneIOLA/Escrow Account Reconciliation

Website Developement and Hosting

NY Closing Cost and Mortgage Calculators

Online Status Reporting

IT Sales and Support

And much, much more.

Call us to inquire today @ (919)741-5077 or email us
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Training Training Training...

Weather you are a new client or an old client, additional training is key to getting the most out of Close IT Plus and Digital RE. We provide, at no cost, training sessions on an inidivual or group basis. Want to start using the Check Writing feature or creating CEMA documents for the first time(or second, or third or what ever time)? Just give us a call @ (919)741-5077 or email to schedule a session or two or three or .....(I guess you get the picture). :)
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